The Top 8 Authentic Restaurants in Houston

Houston is home to over 10,000 restaurants.

It would take about 27 years of trying one of these establishments daily to have experienced them all if you were so inclined to decipher firsthand which are worth the time.

You probably don’t want to do that, so this article will likely be of use to you.

Here are some of our favorite authentic Houston eateries worth trying if you haven’t already done so:


1. Jonathon’s The Rub

The majority of the time, you can’t go wrong with family-run businesses and Jonathon’s The Rub is apart of that majority.

They do their own thing by using bold flavors and offering original menu items you won’t find elsewhere. You’ll also feel like you’re actually eating with family.

They don’t take reservations, so act accordingly.


2. Cuchara Mexican City Bistro

Cuchara is an authentic Mexico City bistro that opened its doors in 2012.

If your Mother grew up in Mexico City, this is what you would have had growing up. The house margarita is among the best and the service is exceptional.

The design of the place is also more than tasteful (pun intended).


3. Polonia

Polonia is a family restaurant that serves a variety of Traditional and Authentic Polish Cuisine. Here you’ll find polish favorites such as pierogi, golabki (cabbage rolls) original polish sausage, bigos (hunter stew) golonka (pork shank) and much more.

Their bar is also worth mentioning. It is always stocked with a wide variety of assorted local and international alcoholic beverages and soft drinks.


4. Cafe Lili

Cafe Lili is a family-run eatery in Houston, Texas serving up Lebanese & other Middle Eastern classics in a bright, casual setting.

Here you’ll find delicious, authentic falafels, hummus, kabobs, tabouli and more. Everything is made from fresh ingredients and the service is impeccable.


5. Thai Gourmet Houston

Thai Gourmet has been in business since 1995. Kru Pong and his wife, Toon, have been cooking up authentic Thai food for more than 27 years in 3 continents.

They’re still in business for good reason.


6. Giacomo’s

Giacomo’s is a casual neighborhood Italian cafe and wine bar specializing in small plates of hot and cold antipasti for grazing, sharing, mixing and matching.

All food is prepared from scratch using the best local, imported and all natural ingredients available.


7. Fung’s Kitchen

Fung’s Kitchen has been proudly serving Houstonians since 1990 and in the catering industry for the past 8 years.

It has been awarded by the Houston Press and earned a Zagat rating as the Best Chinese Restaurant since 2001.

Its catering service has organized banquets for large corporations such as China Airlines, Mitsubishi Corp Americas, Shell, Emerson Company, and Moet Hennessy. Fung’s Kitchen has notably hosted dinners for the Queen of Thailand and the late Bush Sr.


8. Chama Gaucha

At Chama Gaucha the 12 cuts of meat and garden fresh salad bar is hand selected daily to ensure perfection.

Their meats are always 100% USDA Prime, aged a minimum of 45 days and seasoned to enhance the natural flavors and unique complexity of each cut of beef, lamb, pork or chicken.

Pair this with an authentic Brazilian cocktail or world renown vintage wine and life is good.

The Brazilian hospitality is just the cherry on top.


To Wrap Up

You don’t have to travel far to experience authentic international cuisine. Check out these authentic eateries in Houston and you won’t be disappointed!